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In the Struggle

This morning in my fb memories an image of me working on a quilt in memory of Yvonne Porcella popped up and reminded me of struggle.

At the the time of the making there was a lot going on behind the scenes for me. We all make happy faces at one another on the socials; sometimes we speak the truth of hurt and angst and the deep stuff going on and sometimes our breath is so jagged that speaking isn’t want we can do. We can just sit in it and work on controlling our breath.

The last few years, for all of us, have been that moment of working towards controlling our breath. While I’m not at liberty to speak the “what” of what’s happening behind the scenes here I can share that it’s been challenging. Challenging to the point where once again the place where I love to go, quilting is a struggle. The ideas happen, which is sweet, ideas though are fleeting, even when written down.

It is hard to believe that it’s been three years since this beauty was published by C&T Publishing. It’s still such and honor and I’m enjoying the inner workings of the pages and the work put in to get to the point of being published. So Happy Third Publishing Day dear book.
Thank you C&T for guiding and honing this book.
Thank you Pokey Bolton for reviewing.
Thank you Alex Anderson for the forward.
Thank you all quilters who have purchased the book.
Thank you those who didn’t like the book, you’re important too.

And so right now I’m heading off to re-record some content with the audio on this time.

Happy Quilting!


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