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Round Up

Yesterday Tracy and I did something we haven't been able to do in a long while, facebook live for Generation Q Magazine. Due to a technical snafu we ended up doing two: Tracy Teri In the comments are links to each one of the products we mention. Lisa Archer is having a Berry Sweet Embroidery… Continue reading Round Up

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I had to Laugh

Creative Brain has taken over, deciding to take her time deciding how to get the Big Idea for this quilt: In taking her sweet ol' time she's decided to go ahead and take a bunch of already pieced four patches, stitch those together, then add 9'' x 18'' rectangles. Said fabrics are all chosen… Continue reading I had to Laugh


Every Stitch I take

On a whim I checked the stitch count for the B 560 E that I purchased in September when starting on the embroidery adventure. I must pause in this missive to tell you that Pickle Pie Designs has the absolute BEST in the hoop projects, and it's giving me Hoop Envy. When I got the… Continue reading Every Stitch I take


Oddly Enough

I'm going to go piece. After putting some laundry away. Which will lead to putting the Christmas stuff in the closet (finally). And probably moving a table so I can fold the aforementioned laundry. Then I'll go piece. Oh wait! There are breakfast dishes in the sink. Will I ever see the inside of my… Continue reading Oddly Enough

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A Nip o’this and that

Still waters run deep! Over the weekend someone shared that they'd been playing I Love Hue, and it's a great way to learn to understand color. I agree, very much. Each level has a group of tiles, several fixed, most movable to sort according to shade/tone. You get to see the proper sorting first, then… Continue reading A Nip o’this and that

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Enjoying whatever this is

This quilt has a mind of it's own and is speaking clearly, showing the direction she wants to go in. I'm going along for the ride, navigating to the mysterious destination. There is a "filling up of the creative well" as the piecing happens. Creative dryness is exhausting physically and emotionally. While spurts of creativity… Continue reading Enjoying whatever this is

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Quilted Block of the Month – next step part 1

  So after taking the seam ripper to Letha's Electric Fan Quilted Block of the Month to remove some stitching that were behaving badly, well it wasn't so much the stitching as poor basting on my part. However it's so much easier to blame the quilt than take ownership of poor work on my part,… Continue reading Quilted Block of the Month – next step part 1