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Virtual Quilt Market March 2021

Here in Texas last weeks deep freeze delayed the start of Quilt Market Registration as many of the staff experienced near zero temps, power outages, burst pipes and are still in the process of recovering. Now that they have heat, internet, and a drink of water they're ready to dig into Quilt Market registration. Virtual… Continue reading Virtual Quilt Market March 2021

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A bit of a funny moment happened. I received a "Happy Anniversary" from WordPress the other day for registering my blog with them thirteen years ago. It took me a few minutes in this just waking up and sipping coffee moment to remember that I'd been blogging for five months when I switched over from… Continue reading Blog-versary

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Tune in!

Wednesday morning at 11 Central/9 Pacific for https://www.instagram.com/p/CKhJEXQHTFt/ Coffee with Paula Reid on my Instagram Account. Please join us. We've got some news to share and would like to share it with you. I am not able to quilt live again this week due to another commitment. There are moments when I'm grateful for the… Continue reading Tune in!

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Holding Space

As a general rule I don't cover hot topics in this part of my quilting world. Hot topics were reserved for the magazine blog & social media spaces. Then someone of note in the industry said/did something that not only did I disagree with it was in fact demeaning and demoralizing. I wrote this Op… Continue reading Holding Space

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Craft Napa Postlude

Before diving into the Craft Napa experience I want to share a couple of things. Last week I purchased a coloring book with positive, affirming sayings for myself and a friend. We might have needed the affirmation, though I'm not entirely sure. This morning is the first opportunity I've had to dig into one of… Continue reading Craft Napa Postlude