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memory on 2 levels

The pipe is long gone but the pipe holder remains. Grampa smoked a pipe and there are certain cherry/vanilla scents that bring back such a pleasant memory that I'm back in the apartment with Gramma & Grampa. I can see Grampa having his tea in the saucer so he could drink it and have a… Continue reading memory on 2 levels

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MCQS – Beginner Machine Quilting

     The beauty of teaching here and there is that on some fun occasions I get to meet up with some really fun people.  Pictured here are Jackie Kunkle, Susan (new HandiQuilter Educator), Debby Brown and Elaine Huffman.  I love catching up with quilters, seeing quilts and supporting a great cause - keeping a museum… Continue reading MCQS – Beginner Machine Quilting

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Thinking, thinking and I would like your input, please

Whenever I hear, "thinking, thinking" the voice in my head sounds like Elfred in my GPS.  Elfred is from the north pole and sometimes asks if anyone wants hot chocolate or fruitcake.  My answer to both is, "yes!" I've been teaching machine quilting on a domestic for about 4 1/2 to 5 years now. I… Continue reading Thinking, thinking and I would like your input, please