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New Printer & Blogs I visit

I arrived home from work last night and was quite surprised and overjoyed to learn that my dear husband purchased this little beauty :

A Samsung color laserjet printer so that I can print the patterns I design in EQ6 and now I can print patterns from Benartex!

I had no idea this was coming and I’m excited beyond belief!  Thank you sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has it set up so that I can print from my laptop as well, which is quite exciting as it means I don’t have to email patterns to myself to print from the main computer!   I can hardly wait to get started.

He made the very first printed greeting card on this last night, very cool.

Matt Sparrow, who has just been named Rookie of the Year by APQS, married to the lovely Bradie are a dynamic duo for quilting.  I met these two on facebook and have just loved watching their journey.  Matt now has a regular column in one of the quilting magazines (not sure which one at the moment).  Matt will be teaching at MQX in April.  *Matt’s not teaching, not sure why I thought he was.* On his blog or his website Matt has a webcam to watch him machine quilt.  Periodically he will stop & chat or show the quilt he’s working on.  Bradie is great with teaching, particularly beginners and has lessons on her blog.

Linda M. Poole’s blog is always a delight and inspiration!  While she shares mostly quilt related stuff her dog Zoie comes out to play now & again.  Zoie is a Corgie with quite the personality.  I recently had the fun privilege of quilting for Linda, the quilt can be seen in this post.

Renee I’ve known since 2002 and has been a huge quilting influence.  Renee has always been rather fearless and eager to share what she learns with the group.  Watching her quilting over the years has been quite a blast.  There are two quilts she’s been working on that I’m eager to see whether in photos or in person 1) the Pelham Quilters Round Robin Challenge – I started the center here’s a link to the post with my center and the next round out.  This has been fun!

Mary Anne is a hexamaniac and it shows!  I met Mary Anne the same time I met Renee.  Mary Anne and Renee are both quite prolific quilters however there are moments when I wonder if Mary Anne sleeps!  I’ve learned as much from Mary Anne as I have from Renee.  It’s thanks to Mary Anne that I’ve started teaching machine quilting and have the courage to take on other types and shapes of classes.  We were on our way back from a MAQGNet meeting a couple of years ago and she asked me when I’m going to start teaching.   I’d honestly never thought about it before and the thought process continued until I approached Nancy at the quilt cottage and zoom – we’re off.

While perusing the blog world one day I found Sally Bramald and learned that adding details and extra color in a quilt are absolutely allowed.  Sally’s feathers are phenomenal!

Tracey is a quilter I met on the old Alex Anderson message board.  Tracey loves hand work and vintage styles of fabric.  Her quilts are amazing and I’m inspired.

Dawn Marie also tends toward more traditional piecing and she has a long arm for the quilting.  I get to visit her in person a couple times a year and totally love it!  Dawn Marie is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.  I’m hoping one day she’ll take her love of precision piecing on the road and give teaching a try.  I know with young kids it probably won’t happen for a while but she’s good.

While Adam hasn’t posted any of his own work recently his quilting is magnificent! I don’t quite remember how I found his blog, but the quilting is exquisite.

EDIT – EQ6 and the new printer are amazing!

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  1. Thank you Teri! How exciting about your new printer, it sounds like it is wireless, which is a fabulous feature! I love that you are spreading the word about other quilters. There is so much amazing talent in the quilting world, and being online makes access to these gems much easier. Keep it up Teri!
    Bradie Sparrow

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