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Due to timing I’m going to have to be pictureless on this post. . .

I am quite delighted to learn that I’m featured on the EQ Blog!  Some of the quilts I’ve been playing with and dreaming about are featured on this blog.  Thank you folks so much!  I have a winding ways quilt made with Benartex Fossil Ferns that I will get to share with you as the weeks progress.

Over the last few days quilting has been a huge part of my waking moments…Ok – I dream of quilting not quite like Pokey Bolton’s dream.

I finished a commission and delivered it to the quilt cottage in Mamaroneck after the quilt guild meeting this afternoon.  I’m glad to have that one done, this gal patiently waited through January when I went to Maine for a funeral then came home and was sick.

While I was there Ellen and I were talking about Robert Kaufman’s Radiance line.  Really, I was gushing and Ellen was listening, patiently.  Just as we finish the conversation the rep from Kaufman calls and long story short I have a color card of this delightful fabric coming my way.   Thank YOU!!

This line is just delightful and I very much want to add more to my stash.

Sarah Vedeler asked me to quilt a quilt for her that needs to get out this week so she can bind it and send it off to where it’s going.  I am really enjoying quilting with the Aurifil thread she sent along with the quilt.

The chair of the raffle quilt committee for the Village Squares Quilters asked me to quilt the guild quilt I’d like to get this done next week as well.

Linda M. Poole visited Village Squares yesterday presenting a Quilted Journey Around the World.  Next month Linda will be coming back for a bended bias workshop Wednesday May 12th.   I brought my camera with me but did not get any pictures.  I’ll be @ the workshop for at least part of the day on the 12th.

A friend of mine plays piano and teaches and her sister sing here are two youtube video links well worth viewing:

Go Away From my Window

Steal Me, Sweet Thief

This friend is a quilter and quite a good one at that.  She and her sister have done a fab job working together.

More soon!

Happy Quilting!


UPDATED the music links.

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