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Robert Kaufman’s Radiance and Hobbs Tuscany Silk

When I returned from Lancaster I blogged about Robert Kaufman’s Radiance line a 55% cotton, 45% silk blend.  It’s yummy.  Oh, it’s really yummy fabric.

I mentioned too that I purchased Hobbs Tuscany Collection Silk Batting to use with this and “Moon Over Manhattan”.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to play with these two things together.  I’d just finished a commission piece and I’m figuring out how to make a winding ways quilt from Benartex Fossil Ferns sooo….I’m taking the time to do some of my own pieces that I’ve wanted to do.

First is playing with Radiance & the Hobbs Silk batting.  I’m totally in love with both of these.  The silk batting gives a slightly trapunto effect across the surface, even in the swirling feathers area.  It’s quite easy on the shoulders.  Since I’m using a cotton on the back (will shoot that another time) I did not need to spray baste, though if I were doing a larger piece I would.  I did spray baste for Radiance – just enough to hold it in place as I quilted.

I’m using Aurifil thread here in 3 different colors that match the other 3 fat quarters of Radiance I’m planning on quilting at some point.

The arcs are drawn free form.  I can hardly wait to see what happens with each of the 6 pieces I have in this.

Yesterday my sweetie was in the City again.  Look what he came home with last night

Not just one but 2 smaller thread racks.  This should be more than enough to separate and sort out my thread either by color or brand.  I’m thinking by brand/type as it will make more sense to me.

I was thrilled when I realized he did this again.  I love that I can easily see what’s available to me and take what I need.  What I’m hoping is that one rack will hold bobbins for me.

If you haven’t read an issue – The Quilt Life magazine rocks!

This is a new venture through The Quilt Show & AQS with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. This magazine is all about living the quilt life.

This month’s issue is all about thread.  The photo of Ricky & Alex was taken at Libby Lehman‘s home, in front of her thread rack.  Libby has quite a bit of thread and a great piece on thread in the magazine.

Editor Jan Magee keeps a blog about the magazine and is a real sweetheart.  I got to meet her in person a the AQS Lancaster show a few weeks ago.

I have started working on “Moon Over Manhattan”.  I’m really excited about where this quilt is going.  I have all of the trapunto done.  I’m working with “Moon Over Manhattan” in a slightly different way than “Twilight in the Bronx” and I’m anxious to see where this quilt goes.  I have all the thread I think I’ll need for the project.  My goal is to have this quilt done in time for A Quilters Gathering and to enter into Paducah next year.

I’m still working on the Guild Quilt – because the quilt is not being juried I get to work on it today & tomorrow.  I need to leave enough time for the sleeve & labels to be put back on.

I’m quilting free form feathers into the solid black areas of the quilt.  As soon as I get the quilt finished and can do it I will be taking full shots of this.  The quilt will be raffled in November at Quilt Celebration XI.  (You’re invited to attend the show!  Entry is $6.00 – more info to follow)

Happy quilting!


4 thoughts on “Robert Kaufman’s Radiance and Hobbs Tuscany Silk”

  1. Hi Teri
    I have plans in the future to do a silk quilt and Radiance looks like a winner–LOOOVVEE the colors! Also a heads up-Superior Threads is coming out with a silk thread very soon. Might be worth trying out!

    1. I am anxiously awaiting the silk from Superior! I may just order it directly from Superior when it comes out.

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