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Fons & Porter Episode

A while back I wrote this blog  about quilting for the fabulous Sarah Vedeler.  Sarah was on a hard deadline to submit the quilt for the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Fons & Porter – click here for the blog.  I got the quilt done.  Shortly after the quilt made it to Iowa Sarah & I learned that the quilt would be featured on an episode of Love of Quilting.  Excited doesn’t quite say it!

We’re on Episode 1705 – Jazzy Stars.   The quilt is also on the cover of the dvd.   The quilt is on the lower right corner, on a bed with some brightly colored pillows.  Marianne & Mary go through some of the techniques Sarah used to piece the quilt top.  Whew I’m amazed at the technique they managed to get through in such a short amount of time and the step-outs are incredible!  Cindy Hathaway (the floor director/sewist for the show) created a mini version to help with the visuals.

I’m working on getting myself together for Knoxville (I believe there is still room in my classes for you, I’d love to see you) , preparing to teach a class on Friday (Beginner Free Motion Quilting) and another class on July 9th.

Happy Quilting!


4 thoughts on “Fons & Porter Episode”

  1. Congrats on having your work appear on another TV show episode and another CD/DVD cover!

    At one point F&P had featured a series of episodes on long-arm machine quilters (like Marilyn Badger) on their show — perhaps a series with them on DSM FMing is in your future?

  2. I saw that episode and was so excited to hear them mention you were the quilter! Great work! Karen

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