Melanie quilting full viewmelly new fabs 3Joyful.
Are words that I’d use to describe Meadowlark, Melly Testa’s line by Windham. I’ve been privileged to have gotten my hot little hands on images of the line months ago. Squeeeeee, talk about one of those sneak peeks that just make ya silly happy. I designed a whole series of quilts searching for just the right ones that resonated with Melanie and Windham. It’s a process.
One that I find really exciting It’s kind of like one of those conversations that ya just have to have that is really fun and exciting and intense and joyful and tense amazing all at once. A conversation that just leaves you all breathless and excited. Oh wait, that’s a normal conversation with Melanie.
This is Melanie’s premier line – she’s in the process of designing the next and I hope to be part of that process…I love being behind the scenes.
Hop! Hop! Hop! Check out these blogs to see what Melly’s friends have to say about Meadowlark.
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Victoria Findlay Wolfe – June 10
Teri Lucas – June 11 hey! that’s me and you’re reading the blog
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Helen Eckard – June 12 guest post on Melanie’s blog
And guess what! There’s a give away. Comment on this blog post by 6/30/14. I’ll draw a name on 7/1 for someone to win a fat stack from Windham! The fabric will come directly from Windham. Woot! Woot.
Happy Quilting!

56 thoughts on “Meadowlark”

  1. Teri, you have inspired me in more than just quilting. I’ll keep looking for you on FB and visiting your blogs. You’re the best!

  2. The fabrics are wonderful and full of interest! I am happy to hear Melanie is working on her next line!

  3. Hi Teri, I would be a happy girl to win a stack of Melanie’s fabric ! I have fallen in love with it and am enjoying seeing all the things you bloggers are making with it. Your quilt is scrumptious !

  4. I love the pattern you designed for this group of fabrics. They are gorgeous, and I like the effect when all mixed together!

  5. It is so fascinating to see how everyone puts their own spin on Melanie’s fabrics. There is a lot of energy in your piece. I like how the red stands out and there are all these other colors in it.

  6. I’m breathless just watching what is made with her new line of fabrics. I’ve been learning from Melanie Testa for years now because she is so creative and shares that joy of discovery and art making so genuinely. I can’t wait to get my hands involved in all those patterns and colors. What a visual feast! I envision making a table runner and a curtain for the top of my kitchen window. Who wouldn’t love washing dishes looking at these lovely fabrics! The table and window will wink at each other with their newly adorned quilted goodness. Isn’t it amazing how everyone talks about Melanie with such joy. Her fabrics really do shine!

  7. Love this new line, it is so pretty and I want to play with it very much! The quilt here looks wonderful.

  8. This blog hop brings so much joy to my heart. Celebrating Melly’s dream come true fabric line is such a thrill. Her joy filled nature is in each design. Sigh, it makes you believe in Tinkerbell, wishing on a star, and Jiminy Cricket. 🙂

  9. I love the way the Meadowlark fabrics lend themselves to so many different quilt patterns and techniques! I love this scrappy look!

  10. This blog hop has been so full of inspiration! Would love to get my hands on some of Melly’s Meadowlark fabrics!

  11. I love the painterly quality of these fabrics. Thanks so much for sharing. And I assume that you made the quilt that is featured in your post . It’s beautiful!

  12. The hop has been a lot of fun. I enjoy seeing what each person has made with this great collection. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. I love the colors you used from the collection! Most of the others that I’ve seen have used the blues/purples, and I love seeing these in action, too! Beautiful.

  14. Love Melly’s new fabric line, yummy is all I can think, I want some! 😀 All the things made from the fabrics are so wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  15. I tried to meet Melanie at market but she was always too busy, the fabric line is awesome!

  16. Love the fabric line and projects. Exciting to know the very talented Melly is working on another line.

  17. I love this fabric collection. My favorites are the dots! Thanks for this opportunity to win!

  18. Thanks so much for your fun post about Melanie and her fantastic new line of fabric. I love, love, love her new fabrics and can hardly wait for them to come out in October!

  19. This line of fabric is so great, it is almost too much to consider that there will be another line equally as terrific!

  20. What a cool quilt! I think it’s cool that everything I’ve seen so far is so different but uses the same fabrics.

  21. Wow, I sure love what you did with Melly’s fabric line. The blocks really pop. I don’t know how I will wait to get a hold of Meadowlark. I have ideas already. Well, of course, right? thanks for holding this open. I am not good at keeping up with blog hops and was glad to see this is still open to comments. 😀

  22. Teri, you are the best teacher. When I read your posts, it quiets the little voice inside that demands perfection. I’m learning to let that go and be free. Thanks so very much! Melly is blessed to have such an encouraging and fearless friend as you!

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