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And then I said, My Brain is a Strange and Unusual Place

impractical color wheel blue

Brain Dump: Stitch the Scary Stuff in Your Brain is all about well, stitching the scary stuff in your brain. Okay, this isn’t so much scary for me as it is fun, and challenging. Sometimes it’s the challenge of figuring out what goes wheres. Sometimes it’s the challenge of staying focused while stitching a lot of straight lines, or swirls, or whatever motif is necessary for the quilt. Not every quilt needs all the motifs that are in my brain. Which is sometimes very disappointing, because every quilt needs all the stitches! Amiright?

The think about this gallimaufry of stitches, about any motifs, straight lines, curves, feathers, cross hatching, curved cross hatching, any of it, it’s all taken one stitch at a time. Sometimes the stitches are perfect. Sometimes things go spectacularly kaflooie.

Join me in 2018 for the Quilted Block of the Month. Here’s a link to the August Quilted Block of the Month. Show me yours! Please feel free to comment, I’ll answer as quickly as possible.

Happy Quilting!

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