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Quilted Block of the Month – next step part 1


20180106_111606 (2)

So after taking the seam ripper to Letha’s Electric Fan Quilted Block of the Month to remove some stitching that were behaving badly, well it wasn’t so much the stitching as poor basting on my part. However it’s so much easier to blame the quilt than take ownership of poor work on my part, know what I mean?


IMG_20180106_121854 (2)



I left the center as it is, then decided to work on the fan blades, check this out.


Enjoy the vid of the variations of crosshatching and curved crosshatching. Later this week I’ll post in process drawings for these. Hang tight, this looking for a day job consumes a lot of time. 🙂

Happy Stitching!


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