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Cherrywood Van Gogh Exhibit at NSQS

Karen Marchetti

Vincent van Gogh is, without a doubt, a fascinating artist, who struggled with mental illness. His work stirs something deep within my soul. When Karla Overland, the brains and challenger-in-chief behind the challenges: Lion King, Van Gogh, Prince (happening now!) These challenges bring out something absolutely amazing in the imagination of the quilt community.
Seeing these quilts in person is breathtaking, each one is different, particularly different interpretations of the same painting.

Julie Luoma

The quilters make it difficult for the judges.

I made it super easy for the judges, while using all Cherrywood I didn’t use quite enough of the challenge fabric.

Sing it with me now, “read the rules!”

As a quilt show attendee of late I spend more time talking to people and less time with the quilts. Shocking I know.



Robin Gausebeck

Each quilt tells a story, amuse bouche, anecdote of the quilter who made it. The van Gogh exhibit tells many beautiful tales. I can imagine tales like mine – the V8 moment realizing a major mistake was made, the difficulty of learning a new technique, the challenge of coming up with an idea that speaks loudly enough, the risk of entering, the fear and sadness of the quilt not making it in, the joy and elation of the quilt making it in, all of it, it’s all part of the story.

What is your favorite part of visiting quilt shows? Is there a quilt that you admire so very much?

Happy Stitching!



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