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Cherrywood Van Gogh Exhibit at NSQS

Vincent van Gogh is, without a doubt, a fascinating artist, who struggled with mental illness. His work stirs something deep within my soul. When Karla Overland, the brains and challenger-in-chief behind the challenges: Lion King, Van Gogh, Prince (happening now!) These challenges bring out something absolutely amazing in the imagination of the quilt community. Seeing… Continue reading Cherrywood Van Gogh Exhibit at NSQS

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A Trip to PNQE

Yep, that's what happened. I took the two plus hour trip to PNQE at the Oaks Sunday morning. I went just to go. Most shockingly of all - duhn duhn duh - I went by Myself. While this isn't anything unusual, I went to visit with friends. That's it. Visit. I didn't buy anything. I… Continue reading A Trip to PNQE

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Quiltfest of NJ, Social Media and Character

First up Social Media: Find me on Facebook here, here, and here. Find me on Instagram here, and here. Find me on Twitter @terilucas Then there's this: I'm heading off to the QuiltFest of NJ today. I hope to see you there. I am at the end of a cold so I'll understand if you don't… Continue reading Quiltfest of NJ, Social Media and Character

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Perhaps, to think, to quilt

Yesterday I watched Mad Men marathon style. This is a fascinating fictional show telling the story of a Madison Avenue advertising firm, it's growth and changes over the years as they compete for ads and work towards becoming a powerhouse in the market. Historically accurate or not it is a well told story with characters that… Continue reading Perhaps, to think, to quilt

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Quilt Odyssey

Going to quilt shows is just as much fun as ever when I can see this gal, Debby Brown. The Quilt Basket Booth was located right under an air handling duct - blowing cool, COLD air down. Which I loved, however standing under it for hour upon hour Debby was COLD, hence the wearing of… Continue reading Quilt Odyssey

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10 things I love about quilting

the people they are way cool and this person Gayle Schliemann always makes me smile She has a cool bit on We All Sew this week   I just love Radiance. I love the blend of cotton and silk working together to bring best of each to the quilting party.   Notions - notions make… Continue reading 10 things I love about quilting

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Friday Musings!

It's Friday and I'm off to work. I'm hoping to have some time to piece a small quilt while I'm there - a shop sample. And maybe bind a hexagonal quilt that's been sitting there quilted for weeks. I do love taking care of our customers. I'll have some teaching dates to announce shortly. I'm… Continue reading Friday Musings!