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Cherrywood Van Gogh Exhibit at NSQS

Vincent van Gogh is, without a doubt, a fascinating artist, who struggled with mental illness. His work stirs something deep within my soul. When Karla Overland, the brains and challenger-in-chief behind the challenges: Lion King, Van Gogh, Prince (happening now!) These challenges bring out something absolutely amazing in the imagination of the quilt community. Seeing… Continue reading Cherrywood Van Gogh Exhibit at NSQS

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Bias binding

I mentioned a while back that I'd revamp the bias binding tutorial.  I needed to get it done for AQS Knoxville, I'm going to participate in the "All Star Review" on Saturday afternoon. I've posted a word document on the Tutorials & Helpful Hints page so you can see one way I approach make bias… Continue reading Bias binding