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Quilting This Week

A Name and a Purpose is taking shape and form. 20180801_113629

Meet “Lenny” in process. The overall look will change over time as the overall idea takes shape.

gratuitous look at the back

Thread spools sit next to the machine excitedly waving for attention at each thread change. Sometimes they get picked, sometimes I head to the drawer for another color. They’ll get picked, as there’s lots of room for stitching.

The way this quilt is moving along I’m reminded of:

Live your brightest life 1

I managed to make Shine Your Light in less than four weeks. This too started with an idea: a candle. The placement of the flame is over a spot that looked like a flame shape.


Sherry Reynolds, the award winning quilter, occasionally speaks of separating wool batting. Particularly in competition quilts I recommend two layers of batting as it increases the stitch definition, as a machine quilter this is particularly important. A layer of low loft cotton and a layer of either silk or wool work well as the cotton provides structure, the wool or silk provide stitch definition. I though I’m game, a bit impatient, but game so I spent the better part of an afternoon teasing apart the wool batting. I like what I’m seeing. Sherry, you’re brilliant.


Now I’m just hoping that when I go to shoot this I can get an accurate color read, because the background color is more along the line of the bottom of the photo. It’ll all work out I’m sure. If all else fails I’ll enlist the aid of my personal in-house, formerly professional, photographer.

Happy Stitching!



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