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Blog Tour: Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting – Teresa Coates

Friday afternoon I had a brief chat with Shelly Heesacker, the Producer of The Quilt Show. In the course of the conversation I told her one of my, ahem bar stories, featuring Jennifer Sampou. And before you ask no I’m not a bar hanger outer, they can be really fun people watching though. As you can imagine that’s Not why she called. Nope. Shelly called to let me know when my episode of The Quilt Show will begin airing.

Episode 2027 will begin airing on Sunday September 20th.

Stay tuned friends because when I go to tape at the end of August I’m going to capture a few sneak peeks of the studio in Dallas.

Now onto Teresa Coates (click her name to go to her website or the link at the bottom of the page), who I met probably on social media then in person through Generation Q Magazine, and is the National Educator for Shannon Fabrics. She makes the absolutely coolest things with Cuddle. I’d love to sit with her for an hour or so and talk Cuddle and quilting with it. It’s been a while since I’ve quilted with it and I think it’s about time again. Teresa is a skilled quilter and teacher. One of my favorite pieces she’s ever created is with her boyfriend Hawke. Having watched the process of this quilt I’m in awe of the skill of both to make this happen.

Head on over to her website to see what she has to say, which fascinates me, for an opportunity to win a copy of Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon, you can purchase through me, if you’re in NY or TX please click this link. I will go to the shop and sign the book and add your name to the acknowledgements.

And remember to visit each of the other bloggers and comment for an opportunity to win an e-book. Leave a comment here to win a bundle of some of my favorite threads for machine quilting.

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