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Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon

sometimes when memories pop through it’s important to share them as in someway they led to where you are now. One summer a friends parents invited me along to northern Maine for a week away. One evening the local television station aired a documentary on Terry Fox who attempted to run across Canada in an effort to raise funds for and awareness of cancer/treatment. Terry eventually succumbed to the cancer. This child attempted to write about that which I learned on that television station. While my over fifty brain isn’t quite recalling if I finished writing, or what I did with said writing, having paper and writing implement in hand is always a good thing. The second memory makes me giggle. One of my first pen pals would write letters asking questions, to which I would answer with, “yes,” “no,” “good,” as though she’d know precisely which questions these answered. As with quilting the writing improved over time.

Today’s title comes from a presentation I’m doing on Monday for a quilt guild. Quilting is the place where I’ve learned so much about who I am and accepted the quirky, weird, normal, willing to learn, fearful, stretchy, bendy, unique, skilled person I am. Okay I’m still learning the acceptance part, and really still getting to know both the quilting and writing style, it’s such a great ride to Reckless Abandon though.

captured from video

Well my hopes of getting a video up on the video channel were dashed by needing a tutorial on speeding up the quilting portion of the video. I know what to do now and will get this posted by Monday afternoon. Bahaha I’m still editing this and learning how to both speed up quilting clips and add music to those times. Video editors, continuity editors etc please have zero fear of losing your jobs. I will say this Jenny Lyon was right, you do get to see what your “ums” look like when editing. *Note the video is up, follow the link above.* Learning new things is good, and like that early attempt at writing, is leading somewhere. Now to put these things together and watch the magic happen.

Quilts, Inc posted the faculty list for Fall Festival, I’m honored to be teaching Beginner Quilting and offering a few other things through the week. And as I flitted between writing this post, an email and looking at the bird app, they posted that Heidi Kaisand is now heading up Threads of Success. I’ve been following Heidi’s career since she edited Better Homes & Gardens American Patchwork and Quilting. She brings a depth of knowledge with her to this venture that I’m excited to see. I’ll be presenting at Threads of Success at Fall Market. My presentation is titled On Writing, details as soon as everything is updated on the website.

I’m off to do some stitching!


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