The Book Report

the Book Report

A couple of months ago Shari Leid’s publisher, Capucia Publishing reached out for me to review Shari’s books: The 50/50 Friendship Flow, Make Your Mess Your Message, and Ask Yourself This.

My book report is complete. One of the things I love about these books is the engaging, interactive style. Shari set’s about meeting with friends to let them know how important they are to her in her life. Each book has a different focus learning from, resolving a mess, and looking at our own life. This is all relational, all about human interaction our need for a sense of belonging.

Shari encourages us to set up similar meetings, lunch or dinner or coffee dates, with the women in our lives and talk about, let our friends know what we deeply appreciate about them. As an encouraging sort there are friends I do this with, and friends I desire to do this with. As a teacher one of the things I see that this can help with is understanding and embracing those gifts that others tell us that we have. It would be fun to have a bit of a blog hop sharing these stories of what we say, and what we hear.

The show notes on the YouTube vid has links to a couple of others I mention in the video..

Later this week I’m sharing a bit of news since the Vermont Quilt Festival. I am going to head to New York and Maine in June. I’ve not finalized dates yet. If your guild or shop would like a class and/or trunk show please email me at terificreations @ gmail. com.

Happy Quilting!


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