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Coming Right Up!

Linda Pearl the creative mind behind One Quilting Circle messaged me the other day to see if we could chat, responding to a post on facebook letting my students from Vermont Quilt Festival know that I will open the class on Zoom. Click on One Quilting Circle to see Linda’s post. On my Shop Page the class is available Friday May 19, from 8 AM to 4 PM Central. I’m limiting the class to 20, once 20 are enrolled I will close enrollment. There is a pdf up on Linda’s page that gives the supplies list and other information.

I am travelling to Maine and New York during the month of June I need to work out the dates if your guild or shop is interested in a lecture or machine quilting class please let me know. I would love to pack up quilts and give you an opportunity to see and touch and hear their stories, or tell you how I would quilt them differently now.

Stay tuned for more stitching!

Happy Quilting,


2 thoughts on “Coming Right Up!”

  1. Question Teri, I went on the link about your class and noticed something that needs correcting. The date of your class says, “Thursday, May 19th”. May 19th is actually a Friday.

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