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A Sneak Peek and a PS on the Ruler Foot

The B 790 and all its amazing features will be adorning my sewing table sometime this weekend. There are New Features to explore, such as the stitch creator, and that new bobbin system. There is a new stitch count to raise. And, she needs a name. Stay tuned! Happy Quilting! Teri PS - Now you… Continue reading A Sneak Peek and a PS on the Ruler Foot

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there was some quilting happening here

Valori Wells gave me this fabric line at Fall Market in Houston. I've finally made something. I like making things, useful things. This included lovely matching corners, stitch-in-the-ditch with the dual feed and the 97 D foot.   Once I understood where to look and how to use it well, my patchwork improved greatly. I never… Continue reading there was some quilting happening here

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Magical Moments

From Seth Godin Today is Pi day, the 14th day of the 3rd month of the fifteenth year... 3.1415 Pi is our most famous irrational number. Not irrational in the sense that it's a foolish argument, a form of wishing for one thing while doing another. No, pi is irrational in a magical, beautiful sense. It… Continue reading Magical Moments

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The BERNINA Stitch Regulator

Today's post is brought to you by questions from a couple of user groups that I participate (read usually) in. This falls into the Frequently Asked Question category: "How on earth do I use my BERNINA Stitch Regulator?" A way back in 2009 when in the Green Room getting ready to shoot episode 503 of… Continue reading The BERNINA Stitch Regulator

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Teaching at the City Quilter

I get to teach tomorrow at the City Quilter. Last I knew there is one space left. We're going to play with design and thread, Let(ting) our Foot Loose, being Fancy & Free. Let's see what kind of fun and trouble we can get into . I'm hoping I remember to bring my camera and… Continue reading Teaching at the City Quilter

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One more reason to love! the BERNINA 780

I've not been shy about telling you all how much I love the B 780. So I'm stitching the other day using the 46C foot (adding that cording to the quilt I posted here)  and needed to move the needle over to the right. Usually you hear the needle moving over. Nothing. zzzzzzzzzzzzz Confused look… Continue reading One more reason to love! the BERNINA 780