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Free-Motion Quilt Challenge

My Free-Motion Quilt Challenge Tutorial is up on the SewCalGal site! I'm excited about the whole process from beginning to now.  SewCalGal has been great to work with and I'm going to do a Bonus Tutorial in December. If you get a chance head over to SewCalGal's site and check out the tutorial.  I'd love… Continue reading Free-Motion Quilt Challenge

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Getting ready to start a couple of projects

I started Staten Island Sunset at MQX and need to do a bit of frogging before I continue.  In the mean time I have another idea that may or may not be part of the "City" series of quilts or I have another idea rambling around in my head.  With all of the wrought iron/metal… Continue reading Getting ready to start a couple of projects

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Staten Island Sunset progress finally

In July I fused this beautiful hand dyed (by Esterita Austin) silk organza to the gold Radiance.    I love the way Mistyfuse fuses.  It was easy to handle and leaves the fabrics with a lot of flexibility.  There's enough body that marking the diamonds and circles will be easier than if I was just… Continue reading Staten Island Sunset progress finally

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A new view

Until last Friday our house had the original windows installed when the house was built in the late 60's.  They were aluminum sliders and each window had 4 panes, 2 for the warmer months and 2 to be added for the cooler months.  While they lost heat amazingly well they were great in the summer… Continue reading A new view

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Playing with Silk

I've been purchasing Superiors silk thread on & off for months.  As they were going through the process of announcing the thread coming out I was incredibly excited.  I've quilted with silk from two other companies and love the effect of the silk, loved how it quilted and quite frankly I love the look of… Continue reading Playing with Silk

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A Quilting Consult

I really enjoy helping friends & students figure out how to quilt their quilts.  When I teach the last 1/2 hour to 45 minutes is dedicated to having a discussion with the class with whomever brings in their quilts.   This is an open discussion - the quilter shares the background and purpose of the… Continue reading A Quilting Consult

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An Idea is Developing!

An idea is developing for this quilt and I'm really excited about it. The idea is similar to "Twilight in the Bronx" and "Moon Over Manhattan" with a little bit of a fun angle. I'm going to draft it out on paper and practice with some silk thread that I have from a couple of… Continue reading An Idea is Developing!

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Superior Kimono Silk

Here's a sneak peak of the Superior Kimono Silk I purchased for my next quilt. I've figured out that this will be the 3rd piece in the "Twilight in the Bronx" series.  I have some ideas floating around in my head that will eventually be worked out on this quilt. The blue seen in the… Continue reading Superior Kimono Silk