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Embracing Quirkiness & Connections Quilt Festival

and a Reality Check One of the reminders from my time at the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show is that I'm quirky. Shocking! I love being quirky. Embrace quirk, let go of seriousness. Seriously. So, this weekend during the lecture "Surprise I'm a Free Motion Quilter" the end of the lecture came, as I made decisions… Continue reading Embracing Quirkiness & Connections Quilt Festival


New tagline – new focus

For several years now "Quilting is a beautiful and complicated art" was the tagline in the header.  It's true - quilting is a beautiful and complicated art - there are so many components, styles and ways of quilting.  Quilting employs geometry in an artistic and in my opinion, intuitive way.  Making a quilt, even a… Continue reading New tagline – new focus