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Bias binding

I mentioned a while back that I’d revamp the bias binding tutorial.  I needed to get it done for AQS Knoxville, I’m going to participate in the “All Star Review” on Saturday afternoon.

I’ve posted a word document on the Tutorials & Helpful Hints page so you can see one way I approach make bias binding.  It’s a play on the tutorial that’s in a lot of books and quilt making tutorials.  You may print this for your own personal use.  Please ask me before printing it for anything other than your own personal use.  Thanks!

Getting into the members only preview was incredibly delightful.  We’d been to the Orchid show on opening day before…oh my goodness…never again.  Since we had the time we went to the Preview.  Taking pictures and enjoying the orchids was much easier and more enjoyable.

I really enjoy all of the subtle ways that nature expresses color that just work.

I like the curves and neat shapes too.

I really enjoyed seeing Lady Slippers.  These grow wild in Maine during the summer.  I’m fairly certain that they’re protected and we’re not allowed to pick them.  I’ve seen them several times on my uncles property.  He lives out in the middle of no where and I’ve seen moose on the way to his place.  Several years ago my sweetie & I were on our way to visit when driving around the bend in the dirt road we stopped quickly.  I looked up and there was a moose standing in the middle of the road.  My sweetie kept the car on, but we waited patiently for her to move the rest of the way across the road.  I think he had the car in reverse in case we needed to get out of her way.  We waited 10 minutes, she finally turned around and went back across the road.  We arrived a little late at my uncles, but it was well worth the way.  Meeting a moose up close and personal is not on my list of priorities in life.


I really enjoyed this exhibit at the NJ Quilt Fest.  This was a challenge where each quilter was given a color from the color wheel and their quilt needed to read as that color.  What a cool challenge!  Speaking of challenges, one of my mini groups has a challenge that I finally have an idea for and just need to make.  Thankfully it’s not due until May along with another quilt.  More on the other quilt in a few days.

Happy Quilting!


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