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Brain Dump: Stitch the Scary Stuff in Your Brain


So here’s a bit o’progress on one sample for the aforementioned class (title). Opening the drawers of the thread chest and grabbing as many different reds as I could find to begin stitching. The cool this is after collecting thread for a few years I have a multitude of reds to choose from. Then again I have so many reds to choose from!

It would seem that choosing might be a bit difficult, at first, but was made simpler by the fact that several of these are the same or similar shade of red.




In the center is black, white, and gray to indicate tones, hues, and shades. (for more check out this website) In class we’re going to stitch the motifs we want to try in the colors we have, or the colors on sale at the Quilt Basket. (Class January 20th call the shop for details) Because hey we’re there and they might just have the perfect thread to add to our stash.


While stitching I was reminded that
for quilters thread weight makes a difference in how present color of the thread is

the background color and texture makes a difference

retracing or over stitching changes how present or strong a color is on our quilt

density of stitching makes a difference as well


So quilting is all one big experiment well worth exploring. The more we experiment with the things we like, and want to try, the more confident we become in making choices that make sense for us personally, and our quilts overall.

The very cool thing is, and this is something to remember no matter what we’re working on…



seam ripper

The seam ripper is always an option.

Even when you’re on a hard and fast time table and need to get something done.

Happy Stitching!


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