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Color Wheel

I like color.
A lot.
I like how color plays.
I like how color sings.
I like how color behaves, misbehaves, swirls, whirls, blends, hides, shows off and generally is itself.

20147D__12149.1406084695.1104.1280Joen Wolfrom appeared on Simply Quilts some long time ago, talking about color. She talked about the 3-in-1 color tool, how it’s used in the garment world, and how she’d been using it for quilting. (This is most likely an over simplification.) The cool thing is that each side of the poster is loaded with information, and color through black, and white, complimentary color combinations, made simpler by the numbers on each hue.

Then there’s the best tool ever!

The Color Wheel Companion:

Color Wheel Companion side one

Color wheel, and color wheel companion images courtesy C&T Publishing.

Color Wheel Companion Side 2

This durable, handy, portable tool will go with you to quilt shops, or help you choose thread for quilting.Joen’s explanation was enough to get me excited and make Split Complementerity. I’ll need to get a photo of one of these days. I used a fat quarter tower of fabrics from Benartex, added three more, chose one fabric, figured out the split compliment, and made blocks. The effect was quite hot, and good friends helped me figure out the border. Oh how I love that quilt.


Impractical Color Wheels are informative, and fun. Showing us the color we love, and are most comfortable with. They offer us some insight into our color preferences. They are an exploration of stitching, allowing us to gain confidence and love what we do as quilters even more.

There are plans afoot to create more color wheels on a variety of backgrounds with the thread in my stash.

On the machine now is this piece from an online art class I took a couple of years ago.

Debby Brown is filming video tutorials coming out every Tuesday:  Head over and check out her website and blog.

Happy Stitching!


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