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Well, I didn’t see that coming

I can always tell when I’m a bit stressed as blogging and quilting become a bit of a challenge. Several posts are in the drafts folder waiting for inspiration, and perhaps something else, the trash bin, the right time? Writing ideas are much like quilt ideas: right time, right place, right skill-level – the words write themselves. So, like the quilt ideas I’ll let them marinate until such a time as they let me know they are ready for writing, tackling them at that moment.

Just like the drafted posts there is a quilt ON the machine bed that is waiting for me to return. I hope it doesn’t hold it’s breath too long and turn a funky shade of blue waiting to come up for air.

This little bit of quilty goodness has me a bit miffed as it pulled a Little Miss Sassy Pants on me – the back is kinda ugly because the quilt top lulled me into a false sense of security turning out all pretty on the top. The seam ripper is handy however this may quilt may be made an example of why practice is important.  Practice. Practice. Practice.

And onto the next bit of randomness:

Sometimes the word of the year you pick, actually picks you.



Sometime back I connected with someone who’s got some street cred in the quilt world. *Vague comment alert!* Sometime back this quilter contacted me for a private lesson. Life intervened for both of us since that first series of emails, finally being able to spend the time together. It was a good day, and included an impromptu trip to the local quilt shop to pick up something necessary for the work of the day. It was a good day, and I’ll share more after the quilter shares more.


Oh I love copying Debby’s Homework

sewbatik 004

After the creative tidal wave a few weeks ago this temporary dry spell is what I didn’t see coming. Gah! But that’s fine. The creativity is returning. It’s been a great week. And I’m a happy Quilter.

Happy Stitching,


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