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This Week in Three

This week I’ve been piecing a quilt top for a blog tour with Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios and Banyan Batiks, which happens Saturday, September 22nd. I’ve interviewed Scott, asking him all the weird and wonderful questions that befit a couple of Generation Q Magazine editors. There will be an opportunity to win a fat quarter bundle, so join in the fun because I’ll be asking a “coffee clatch” question. There are a few pictures here.

My Sweetie and I have a twelve inch cast iron skillet and a fifteen by ten inch cast iron grill pan. These suckers are heavy, I love cooking with them, cleaning not so much however they are the best. These live with all the other pots and pans on a wire rack, hanging from heavy duty s-hooks. The other day I needed to put the skillet away, and in order to do so the grill pan had to come down. Said grill pan was place on something of an odd angle on top of the plastic wrap and aluminum foil, I’ve done this before. As I turned to grab the skillet the grill pan decided to take a flying leap to the floor meeting the top of my knee on the way down. No knees or floor were harmed in the falling. As of this morning the knee hurts a bit. New Rule: don’t do that again, it hurts.

more apple pickin pics
Donut Picking September 2004 George Harris

And in my world Saturday is one of the very best days ever! Hints at this day arriving have been around for weeks, cooler nights, not so brutal days.

Welcome AUTUMN!

Oh happiness. Autumn and spring are my favorite seasons ever. I was born in autumn, I got married in autumn. I wear spring and autumn colors. Rejoice with me.

Have a fabulous day,



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