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Vacation & The Texas Quilt Museum

While I did work one day I spent most of last week (May 23 to 27) on vacation. We had special company visiting us. We visited a couple of quilt shops, more on those in another post, The Alamo, Magnolia, and The Texas Quilt Museum. There are three exhibits right now: The winners from Fall Quilt Festival in Houston (2021); quilts from Ricky Tims and Timna Tarr.

One thing I know about quilts is each tells a multitude of stories from both the quilters and the viewers point of view. Some quilts speak to us deeply and others not quite so much. With one quilt I was so enraptured by the quilting itself I didn’t get a full image of the quilt.

As I write I’m getting ready to go visit with the Heartland Quilt Guild in Nebraska. I get to teach and enjoy the pleasure of telling the stories of my quilts and how they have helped me grow as a quilter and as a woman. There is great joy and great frustration. There are surprises and some predictable things. I get to stay with Lori Baker of the Quilt & Tell Podcast. I could not be more excited. I’ll be home five days then head to California for a few days where I get to see another friend. More on that later.

In the meantime please enjoy the quilts. And if you’re in Texas visit the Museum in LaGrange.

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