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BERNINA Ambassadors: Telling our Stories Day 1

Through the efforts of Jenelle Montilone we’re taking the tour to Instagram and other social media using the hastags: #igquiltfest , and #berninaambassador. Today we get to meet Lynn Carson Harris, Kelly Ashton, Diane Doran, and Melody Crust.

Hosting a blog tour of great talent is humbling and that’s when Mandy Leins posted a link to this article, Why Writers are the Worst Procrastinators (Megan McArdle), commenting that subbing quilters for writers and there ya go. And this paragraph reminded me of a conversation with another quilter:

This fear of being unmasked as the incompetent you “really” are is so common that it actually has a clinical name: impostor syndrome. A shocking number of successful people (particularly women), believe that they haven’t really earned their spots, and are at risk of being unmasked as frauds at any moment. Many people deliberately seek out easy tests where they can shine, rather than tackling harder material that isn’t as comfortable.

Yeah we all thing good golly someday someone will realize I’m a fake and it’ll be all over.

Oh I imagine that no one is really surprised by our thoughts, as all of us have them. Each one of these quilters has muddled through, making quilts, developing technique, teaching, writing, planning, day by day to keep fresh, alive, and active in the quilting community.

Lynn is working on a series of quilts telling the story of domestic violence, is the author of Every Last Piece.

Kelly make challenging angles easy peasy with her techniques. And this woman can sing. Wow.

Diane holy mother of purple she can quilt with her work taking an artistic bent. Simply wow. After reading her blog, head over to her website to check out her gallery.

Melody well I just had a WOW! What?! I had no idea moment. (it’s not what I actually said but we’ll leave that there.) Look HERE.

When we get to Friday I’m going to post a giveaway. I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing yet so…hold on tight!

Monday March 20
Lynn Carson Harris
Kelly Ashton
Diane Doran
Melody Crust

Tuesday March 21
Kathy Delaney
Christa Watson
Mandy Leins

Wednesday March 22
Sandy Fitzpatrick
Beth Ferrier
Cheryl Sleboda

Thursday March 23
Annie Smith
Lori Kennedy
Kari Carr
Catherine Redford

Friday March 24
Joann Sharpe
Cherry Guidry
Jenelle Montilone

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  1. Thank you for hosting this blog tour! This is such a great idea to meet so many wonderful ambassadors.

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