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BERNINA Ambassador Blog Tour Day 4

Today we bring you four BERNINA Ambassadors: Annie Smith, Lori Kennedy, Kari Carr and Catherine Redford who bring a wide variety of style to the quilting world. Annie is the original (and still my favorite) quilting podcaster; Lori just published a new book (more on that in a moment); Kari has a great angle on quilting, Clearly Perfect; and Catherine approaches quilt making with a modern flair.

Becoming BERNINA Ambassador is in 2013 one of the highlights of my work as a quilter. To say I longed for this would be an understatement, and worked hard to achieve this goal. Well, part of it was achieving this goal, part of this as developing my career as a free motion machine quilting teacher, with something of an art-y bent. Having a quilting career takes a lot of hard work, day by day, stitch by stitch, word by word. Making what I hope are the right choices to keep me doing what I love. Teaching and helping quilters grow in their own confidence.Growing in confidence as a quilter takes a lot of work.

Reviewing books, and hosting blog tours are part in parcel with my work as Blogger-in-Chief and Community Editor for Generation Q Magazine. Seeing people I’ve known for a while achieve success in writing, in getting the words and experiences from their head to the page thrills the soul. Often it is in reading the Intro where I find blog the words for the blog post. Lori mentions in her book Free-Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 of the influence of Diane Gaudinski in her own work as a quilter. Diane is one of those quilters who influenced a lot of us of a certain quilterly age and by that I mean how long we’ve been quilters rather than our chronological age. The cool thing is that while Lori and I have both been influenced by Diane our quilterly paths are incredibly different. Like Diane, Lori is orderly and organized; I, on the other hand, not so much. Lori’s book is great for building skill, thinking through the stitching path, and chock full of motifs that will carry any quilter for years to come. Good work Lori!

And now it’s time for a quick visit to the other Ambassadors. Oh have fun with them. PS tomorrow I am going to post a give away, so stay tuned.

Monday March 20
Lynn Carson Harris
Kelly Ashton
Diane Doran
Melody Crust

Tuesday March 21
Kathy Delaney
Christa Watson
Mandy Leins

Wednesday March 22
Sandy Fitzpatrick
Beth Ferrier
Cheryl Sleboda

Thursday March 23
Annie Smith
Lori Kennedy
Kari Carr
Catherine Redford

Friday March 24
Joanne Sharpe
Cherry Guidry
Jenelle Montilone

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