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Back to School Blog Hop: Bury Quilt Thread

BTS 16 Teri Lucas

Welcome to the Back to School Blog Hop hosted by Sam Hunter (Hunter’s Design Studio). Thanks Sam! Thirty-two days of tutorials by quilters and sewists, ready to share their experience and tips. At the bottom of the tutorial are links to each of the other participants in the hop. So many great tutorials!

One hundred years ago, when I learned to machine quilt the teacher (Carol Brubaker Martin) taught us many ways to handle thread ends when beginning and ending machine quilting. I settled on, and teach burying the thread ends with a needle and thread. This method gets the thread out of the way so the quilting can progress merrily along. Eventually I will update the PDF on the Tutorials and Helpful Hints page.

bury thread step one start here
Step one, get ready to stitch. Get the quilt under the needle where you want to start quilting.
bury thread step two drop needle
Holding onto the thread, my hands are over there <—-, drop the needle into the quilt.
bury thread step three needle up bring up bobbin
Bring the needle up, and pull on the top thread to pull the bobbin thread to the top of the quilt.
bury thread step four drop needle hold onto thread
Drop the needle back into the same hole. I use the hand wheel for more control.
bury thread step five get started stitching
Get started stitching. Move far enough away from the needle to make room for your hands.
bury thread step six trim thread ends
Clip the thread ends to the same length. This makes the next few steps so much easier.
bury thread step seven thread the needle
I use a Spiral Eye Needle to bury the thread. The opening on the side makes threading quick and easy. Alternately you can use use a quilting needle (size 9 or 10) and a needle threader to thread BOTH threads through the eye. Make a loop of thread, and pull the needle through the loop to make the knot. Alternately wrap the thread around the needle three or four times near the quilt.


bury thread step nine heres the knot
Here’s the knot. It’s about one-quarter of an inch away from the quilt. I try to get it about that close so it’s near the quilt, and about that far away so I can easily bury it.
bury thread step ten needle in first hole
Poke the needle into the hole where the thread came from. Wiggle the needle through the batting, this will place the knot IN the batting and out of your way.
bury thread step eleven weave needle through batting
Come up about an inch away from where the thread started.
bury thread step twelve pull through and pop knot
Pull on the thread until the knot goes into the fabric. You may hear a satisfying pop. Unless of course, like me, the music is playing in the background.
bury thread step thirteen clip the thread
Now you’re ready to keep on stitching! Yes, you can stitch over the where you buried the thread! The knot is too small to do any kind of damage, or deflect the needle in any way..
bury thread step fourteen keep quilting
When you’re finished quilting bring the needle up.
bury thread step fifteen needle up pull thread through needle
Grab the top thread and give it a good pull, you’ll need the tail to finish the process.
bury thread step sixteen clip thread and hold onto thread in needle
Clip the thread and hold onto that tail!
bury thread step seventeen drop needle
Drop the needle back down where you took that final stitch.
bury thread step eighteen pull up bobbin thread and clip
While holding onto the thread bring the needle back up. This will pull the bobbin thread up.
bury thread step nineteen heres what the loop looks like
Give the top thread a pull to bring enough of the bobbin thread up to have a tail that you can bury.
bury thread step twenty pull long enough tail
Clip it and…


bury thread step twenty one spiral eye needle
Thread the eye of the needle
bury thread step twenty two make quilters knot again loop needle through loop
Make that quilters knot
bury thread step twenty three needle in last thread hole repeat way back
poke the needle in where the thread came up and weave through the batting
bury thread step twenty four pull knot through listen for pop
tug on the thread to hear that pop and pull the knot into the batting
bury thread step twenty five clip threads
Clip the thread and voila! Done.

Now, on the odd chance that the thread didn’t pull back into the quilt put your needle between the batting and the top of the quilt near the thread and sweep the needle. It’ll pull the threads between the layers.

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