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Quilted Features: SewBatik Diane Magidson

For years I'd attend quilt shows and like a magnet was drawn to this one booth, dripping with color, and full of gorgeous fabric, with a tiki hut - SewBatik. I'd chat with the owners Bruce or Diane when they weren't busy. When I was teaching I'd have dinner with them or help them with… Continue reading Quilted Features: SewBatik Diane Magidson

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A Trip to PNQE

Yep, that's what happened. I took the two plus hour trip to PNQE at the Oaks Sunday morning. I went just to go. Most shockingly of all - duhn duhn duh - I went by Myself. While this isn't anything unusual, I went to visit with friends. That's it. Visit. I didn't buy anything. I… Continue reading A Trip to PNQE



I'm not usually at a loss for words related to quilting for this blog. I'm not really at a loss at the moment it's just that the quilting world as it is in my life at this moment is refocusing and I'm slowly wending my way around the quilting world as it is for me… Continue reading Quilterati

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A sneak peek and congratulations

  On Sunday I visited Quilt Fest of NJ, one of the Mancuso shows. Sometime within the next few weeks I'll have a blog post on the GenQ site on some of the quilts that captured my attention. The one quilt that I am going to post here is my friend Rene√©'s quilt, "Let's Hear… Continue reading A sneak peek and congratulations


top 10

I've seen a few top 10 things lately that I've liked and thought hey I'll add my own Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum - I love how the quilt world has rallied round this museum to keep it open New England Quilt Museum - I've visited this museum as it's on my way to visit family… Continue reading top 10

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a traveliing teacher has an adventure

Yesterday was a really full day. Wake up - check Find easy peasy breakfast food - check Teach - Go Mini or Go Home ! - check Have fun! - Check! Pack up classroom - check this includes fabric, rotary cutting mat, rulers, rotary cutter, fabric I've purchased - check *note* place rotary cutter when… Continue reading a traveliing teacher has an adventure