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Quilt! Quilt! Organize

Last week a neighbor who is moving to the Northeast and is posting a few things on the neighborhood facebook page. So I picked up a 3 x 3 storage cube, complete with fabric cubes to store stuff in. The wire rack, while it is still a mess looks a lot tidier now that the… Continue reading Quilt! Quilt! Organize

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Spring Quilt Market Virtual Style Take 2

Yesterday as I participated in a Virtual Panel (and will again on Monday) and talked with a few industry related people that the Quilting Worlds, and it's environs from our sewing rooms and studios, to quilt guilds, small businesses and quilt shops are all about relationships, growing them, and nurturing them. Normally at this time… Continue reading Spring Quilt Market Virtual Style Take 2

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A little or a lot? Or how much quilting for this quilt?

How much threadwork does this quilt need? A little? A medium amount? A lot? This question comes up frequently often saying something like, "I see all these quilts that are quilted to within an inch of life and I don't 'get it', 'like it', 'understand it'." or "I like quilts that are quilted this way… Continue reading A little or a lot? Or how much quilting for this quilt?

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Inventing quilting

A way back when, that moment I invented quilting the full expectation of the breadth and scope of quilting, in all its various forms and functions I saw in full clarity. Inventing quilting was pretty hard work, well worth the effort I'd say. Watching quilters and quilt making take this delightful turn from utilitarian blankets… Continue reading Inventing quilting