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I have this thing where I like to make a friend of mine laugh. It’s a good goal. Seriously. And it’d be great if I could remember how this started, but I can see the big 5-0 approaching and yeah, that’s not going to come to mind. Several months back she told me about an app that we can use to video chat. Which is way more fun than sending texts.

Somewhere in the last couple of days I realized Christmas is six months away. Normally this does not even phase me. Christmas is a great holiday – in December, however I am not a big gift shopper so carefully watching sales for just the right gift, to be stashed away in just the right place, only to forget this perfect place, need to spend time among the anxious crowds between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Well, then I posted, Remember that morning in June when I sang, “You better watch out, you’d better not pout.” to a friend. I did. In the video chat. The better part is that when she saw the post she was kind of hoping it was her. It was. She laughed. Mission accomplished.

Later in the day I sent her a text with a photo of a quilt completed (sleeve/label) that was ready to go out the door. She got it. The text, and my intent with the quilt. I told her I wanted to nod toward one thing, and add a bit of a Teri Lucas twist to it. It worked. Now, the only part I can share is this:

I know I’m a tease, but the quilt is going to be published so…I’ll give details as soon as I can. Deadline one made. YAY me.

Now to meet the next one.

Oh! I have another fabric blog tour coming up. I’m madly in love with the line, and like the designer a lot. This’ll most likely be in September.


Happy Stitching,


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