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A Quilt Show, A Dinner Date and a Finish

It came upon a midnight clear...ooops wrong season, totally. Didja ever have one of those moments when you knew, just new that the next step would be incredibly painful? Me too! I torqued my back on Thursday. Making walking home just the most pleasant experience. Ow! Ow! Ow! Well it's easing out and will be… Continue reading A Quilt Show, A Dinner Date and a Finish

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Cotton Cuts Charity Mystery Hop

There is nothing like multiple deadlines all rolling into one really busy six weeks that says let's get everything done all on the same day. Yesterday I mentioned I'd been sick, and sleeping was about all I could manage for the entire weekend. So, I slept. You may remember a while back I wrote "caution… Continue reading Cotton Cuts Charity Mystery Hop


Pins + Needles – Kit in a Box! Wooty Woot Woot Woot!

It's really too bad the Christmas, and my birthday only come 'round once a year. Because getting boxes in the mail is F. U. N. Fun! 100 years ago my sweetie and I subscribed to music, and book clubs. I probably would have subscribed to a stationary club if they'd designed one just for me.… Continue reading Pins + Needles – Kit in a Box! Wooty Woot Woot Woot!

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One day I’ll quilt this quilt

I don't know when though. When life was (ahem) normal, and I went to quilt guild meetings with regularity, and I participated in challenges...sigh...those were the days. I signed up for the center of the Round Robin. The night this was due at the guild meeting I had a brief facebook conversation with Renee¬†wondering what… Continue reading One day I’ll quilt this quilt

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Building Character in a teeny tiny way

It's so cool to find the right tools to work on piecing quilt tops. This ByAnnie¬†stiletto is different than others in that the metal stiletto has some texture to it, giving just a little bit of extra grip. There are a few flat spots along the wooden shaft giving a comfortable grip. This morning I… Continue reading Building Character in a teeny tiny way