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An invitation

Teaching free motion machine quilting is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. When a quilter relaxes into quilting, the breathing changes, the focus changes, the rest of the group fades from the room. There is a very distinct memory of a quilter doing just this, in the middle of a very busy shop,… Continue reading An invitation

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I love it when my friends have exciting news – Update

and Wow! does Debby Brown have exciting news.  She has a new Craftsy Class "Free-Motion Quilting with lines, curves, and loops" The techniques Debby presents are suitable for long arm, mid-arm (like the HandiQuilter Sweet 16) and the home sewing machine.   There is an opportunity to win a free class, sign up for Debby's… Continue reading I love it when my friends have exciting news – Update

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Happiest of Friday’s

*Note I started writing this early Friday morning and had the realization, "OhMiGosh I have to get to work" and made a mad dash to actually do that! Yes, I made it on time. No I did not finish this blog post. Surprise. The day was as busy as a bee hive. With NY City… Continue reading Happiest of Friday’s

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Road to California…here I come!

Teaching alert! Teaching Alert!! I'm teaching at Road to California! (This is a dream come true!) Wednesday Beginning Free Motion Quilting Thursday Let Your Foot Loose, Be Fancy Free Friday Go Mini or Go Home Saturday Beginning Free Motion Quilting I'm in BERNINA rooms each day!!!   Happy Quilting! Teri

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Good morning!

It's not often I get to see a sunrise. I do this morning because I'm an hour later than East Coast time.This part is so cool. And this body of water that you see is the Mississippi. I walked around the quilt show last night with Susan Brubaker Knapp to award our Faculty ribbons. If… Continue reading Good morning!

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Chocolate Swirl part 2

I love answering questions about the quilting process. Yesterday I was asked (on facebook) - I thought I'd share here That cross hatch (it's kinda wonky here but this isn't a competition piece so I'm okay with that) is simply marked on the cloth using a Generals Chalk Pencil and an Omni-Grid Ruler. I placed… Continue reading Chocolate Swirl part 2

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Generation Q Poll and more Feathery Feathers

Generation Q Nosy Poll we do some fun polls at Generation Q. The results of the poll get published in the upcoming issue. Let your voice be heard! Continuing on with the feather tutorial and practice sessions from other quilters: Today we meet Kellie, she's new to following the blog. Welcome! Kellie sent me these… Continue reading Generation Q Poll and more Feathery Feathers