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Chocolate Swirl part 2

I love answering questions about the quilting process. Yesterday I was asked (on facebook) - I thought I'd share here That cross hatch (it's kinda wonky here but this isn't a competition piece so I'm okay with that) is simply marked on the cloth using a Generals Chalk Pencil and an Omni-Grid Ruler. I placed… Continue reading Chocolate Swirl part 2


Creative play

Yesterday I spent most of the day working on two different projects in the quilt room.  Both projects require a lot of attention to detail and are on hard time lines.  I love deadlines, they make it so much easier to work. At a certain point in the day I needed to stop & play… Continue reading Creative play

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More from the Wadsworth Athaneum

Chintz is a highly glazed cotton printed (or not) fabric.  Over the years I think I've used some chintz in one of my quilts, not on purpose though...I think I found a fabric I liked and didn't know what it was and just bought it.  This one (though you can't quite tell from the photo)… Continue reading More from the Wadsworth Athaneum

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A new blog to visit and a little show & tell

My friend Renee sent a note tonight that she's joining the amazing world of blogging.  Give her a visit here.  She's quite the talented quilter and sweet to boot. On the last post I have photos of fabric I bought at Mardens.  The green and coral/pink chrysanthemum will soon have a new home in the… Continue reading A new blog to visit and a little show & tell


Lemon Jello or I wasn’t planning on cleaning the fridge

remember the bathroom story and the blue goo all over the place?  The one where I had to use the loo and was running warm water really needed to use the loo? This isn't that story.  Nope...as the title suggests this one is about Lemon Jello isn't any more fun than blue goo to clean… Continue reading Lemon Jello or I wasn’t planning on cleaning the fridge


Scraps, cleaning, quilt show and a trip

Whew!  Sounds like an awful lot however, the scraps, cleaning and the trip are all part of the same story.  On one of the message boards where I participate I mentioned something about getting rid of my scraps.  The scraps were building and at a certain moment I realized I'm not a scrap quilter.  I… Continue reading Scraps, cleaning, quilt show and a trip