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More from the Wadsworth Athaneum

Chintz is a highly glazed cotton printed (or not) fabric.  Over the years I think I've used some chintz in one of my quilts, not on purpose though...I think I found a fabric I liked and didn't know what it was and just bought it.  This one (though you can't quite tell from the photo)… Continue reading More from the Wadsworth Athaneum

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A new blog to visit and a little show & tell

My friend Renee sent a note tonight that she's joining the amazing world of blogging.  Give her a visit here.  She's quite the talented quilter and sweet to boot. On the last post I have photos of fabric I bought at Mardens.  The green and coral/pink chrysanthemum will soon have a new home in the… Continue reading A new blog to visit and a little show & tell


Lemon Jello or I wasn’t planning on cleaning the fridge

remember the bathroom story and the blue goo all over the place?  The one where I had to use the loo and was running warm water really needed to use the loo? This isn't that story. the title suggests this one is about Lemon Jello isn't any more fun than blue goo to clean… Continue reading Lemon Jello or I wasn’t planning on cleaning the fridge


Scraps, cleaning, quilt show and a trip

Whew!  Sounds like an awful lot however, the scraps, cleaning and the trip are all part of the same story.  On one of the message boards where I participate I mentioned something about getting rid of my scraps.  The scraps were building and at a certain moment I realized I'm not a scrap quilter.  I… Continue reading Scraps, cleaning, quilt show and a trip


Don’t tell Giz

her tote bag is ready and will be in the mail later this week so don't let her know there's a photo here.  Giz said she likes yellow and blue so I hope this yellow and blue fabric from one of Alex Andersons fabric lines will just about do for her. And here's the Knitters… Continue reading Don’t tell Giz

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It’s been a while, wanna see what I’ve been up to?

After attending the Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar with Alex Anderson and Libby Lehman I came home very inspired.  Each of these quilters bring a unique perspective to the quilting world.  WOW and Woohoo were phrases used frequently during the whole event.  Libby showed us how she does reverse machine embroidery so when I came home… Continue reading It’s been a while, wanna see what I’ve been up to?



here's a picture of my new york beauty title: When Alex and Jinny met in New York Beauty Happened.  It's finally finished.  And it's delivered for the quilt show next weekend.  I'm so excited.  Of course I won't get to see it hanging until Sunday as I'll be at the Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar but,… Continue reading quilts


Think of something wonderful

One of the things I like to collect when I go just about anywhere is smooth rocks and stones.  They speak to me of so much, rough grand surfaces polished and smoothed out over time.  Pieces of shells also come into this collection.  A friend of mine once went to Lisieux, France to the home… Continue reading Think of something wonderful

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A life saying, a quilt show and beauty

A friend of mine gets together with other quilters a few times a year and at least at one meal they order dessert first. This beautiful little thing is sitting on the counter at Rita's Italian Ice in Guiford, CT. I had a nice chat with the lady who owns the shop and in a… Continue reading A life saying, a quilt show and beauty


Flat Alice makes a quilt

Alice and I finally had a chance to sit down today and make a quilt top. First we chose fabric. Then we stitched the squares together. The big piece will be a doll quilt and the smaller piece will be a pillow - we think . Then Teri quilted the quilt top. We watched Barnum… Continue reading Flat Alice makes a quilt