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Quilterati: A New Look

This morning scrolling through social media I learned of the passing away of hand quilter extraordinaire Elsie Campbell. Her accomplishments in the world of quilting include award winning hand quilter as recently as Road to California (scroll to the bottom), author, and teacher. Elsie's latest quilt honored her fifty year marriage with her husband, Ken.… Continue reading Quilterati: A New Look

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Talk about a quilt with Character

Talk about a quilt that is a character. And I'm going to share some of its most interesting character traits. But first, let's see how Kelly Ann measures up. Worth the visuals alone. I've talked about this quilt here and here. I love this quilt, always have. The character in this quilt rests in the… Continue reading Talk about a quilt with Character

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It takes time

Spending time quilting is a great joy. When I get to I relish each and every moment, particularly when I get lost in the stitching and lose track of what's going on around me. It's freeing, meditative, relaxing and joyous all in the same moment. Quilting wasn't always that way. It was downright painful and… Continue reading It takes time

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Encouraging a different perspective

One of my very favorite conversations is "if it isn't hand quilted it isn't a quilt" or "hand quilted means putting your heart into a quilt". I no longer get my panties in a wad My back no longer gets up I just share because I've been in that group who thought and felt and… Continue reading Encouraging a different perspective

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Planning the Quilting part 2.2

When I first started quilting I thought and thought about the motifs. At the time I was "limited" by my perception of quilt making, the love of straight lines and the motifs the local quilt shops. This was what I knew. I'd not yet "discovered" quilt shows (Oh the first trip to Quilters Heritage Celebration… Continue reading Planning the Quilting part 2.2

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An Interview with Susan Sato of Easy Piecing

I met Susan Sato of Easy Piecing a few years ago, we catch up with each other in a variety of places. . .quilt shows, guild meetings. Susan carries some neat things in her booth, like dupioni silk (the good colors bright and fun like hot pink!) and some cool thread.  I've heard great things… Continue reading An Interview with Susan Sato of Easy Piecing

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Quilt Show and Jazz concert a very quilterly day

Saturday morning as my sweet husband was looking around on the internet he found 2 events: the Heritage Quilters of the Hudson Valley quilt show at the library in Pearl River, NY and a jazz concert by Fred Smith and the Masters of Swing at Arts Westchester in White Plains. First stop the quilt show… Continue reading Quilt Show and Jazz concert a very quilterly day