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Choosing fabric

Over the last few years the fabric that I choose has changed. I'm still madly in love with batiks. Always will be.  I've come to love hand dyed fabric. Each dye-r is unique and we get a sense of who they are in their fabrics. I've mentioned Dyeing 2 Sew in previous post. I love… Continue reading Choosing fabric

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Chocolate Swirl

Sunday was a fruitful day indeed. Let's go back to Saturday, okay let's go back a bit further. After making @play I knew I wanted to make another quilt loosely based on that design.  It's been on the inspiration wall for quite a while and this chocolate-brown Radiance in my fabric stash about that long.… Continue reading Chocolate Swirl

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We All Sew

I just learned last night that a blog/tutorial I wrote on bobbin work  for We All Sew was posted. I'll tell you that we will see this one more time. I'm not sure when but we will see this quilted silk again. This morning I'm going to continue working on a new quilt called "Chocolate… Continue reading We All Sew

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And here I thought

    <--- this was really cool. The first time I was published in International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene.       <------ this is just as cool this is a close up of the masthead of the May/June issue of Generation Q Magazine. This still feels kind of surreal and cool. visit Tracy visit… Continue reading And here I thought

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Choosing Quilting Motifs: Open Heart Style

@play, I shared the first part of her story here. And the second part of her story here. I mentioned that my friend AEF offered her support throughout the design and quilting process. Invaluable. Just simply invaluable. I did a bit more planning with this quilt, as you can see to the right I have… Continue reading Choosing Quilting Motifs: Open Heart Style

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Choosing Motifs Part 2.1Serendipity

Serendipty. One of the definitions is "an aptitude for making delightful discoveries by accident". In other words it just happens, it's not planned. This little bit of a quilt just happened. The due date was quickly approaching and Mary Kerr emailed me asking if I was submitting something for her book Cutting Edge Art Quilts.… Continue reading Choosing Motifs Part 2.1Serendipity

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Listen to your quilts

They frequently have something to say giving you information about the direction they intend to take on this journey together. When I started quilting Quantum Leap I thought that hot pink would work in the green strips.  Turned out not so much. The color disagreed with me vehemently. Jeanie confirmed that the pink wasn't working.… Continue reading Listen to your quilts

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Inspired to piece – volume 2

The quilting portion of the last few weeks has been all about piecing quilt tops as evidenced by this post and this one and this one, oh and this one.  I'm sure there are one or two more on piecing posts lately.  Today's finish leaves me with 5 quilt tops to quilt.  As I searched… Continue reading Inspired to piece – volume 2

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Rainy Days and Mondays Mini me

Wee tiny, little log cabin how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. . . 3/4" at a time. 3/4 of an inch? Yep, you read that correctly.  The "logs" for this cabin are 3/4". The finished block size right now is 2".  Why am I making blocks using 3/4" strips?  The flip… Continue reading Rainy Days and Mondays Mini me