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Giving consideration to organization

Several years ago I purchased this storage unit from Ikea. I love it. It's still my favorite piece of furniture in the sewing room. When I'm workin' it, it works well. After doing the major fabric purge it's not as empty as I'd like however there's still some more work to do. This morning the… Continue reading Giving consideration to organization

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Celebrate with us!

    Like a kid the night before Christmas driving my parents nutty. And by parents I mean Jake. Generation Q Magazine made 10,000 likes on facebook. It's pretty cool indeed. It was so exciting to get there before the end of 2014. So, we're celebrating our fans our long time fans and our new… Continue reading Celebrate with us!

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It’s hard to know what to write

I can't quite tell you how much I enjoy working with Jake, Melissa and the Gen Q crew. It's a gift that I can't quite describe. There were so many wonderful moments with the crew - though some key people were not able to come this time around. Tracy I hope you're feeling better and… Continue reading It’s hard to know what to write

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Two very important things

That sneak peek behind the quilting world scene has confirmed for me 2 things: 1) I LOVE THE QUILT WORLD and 2) It's important to me to support, encourage, build, be authentic and be community. I got to attend 4 Schoolhouses along with doing what I could to help get the booth setup. C&T held… Continue reading Two very important things

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Sit down dear friends I have something to tell you

Okay it's not that serious. But it's way fun. Way fun! Oh good grief I just have to spill it. Ready? See the logo over there --------> the one that say GenQ? Well I am now, well officially on March 1st, working with GenerationQ Magazine as the Associate Editor--Online/Special Projects. I'm really excited. When Melissa… Continue reading Sit down dear friends I have something to tell you

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An Interview with Megan Dougherty

Doing a blog interview is a bit like making a quilt: we have fabric, pattern , machine, batting, backing and voila something happens and the whole thing goes terribly pear shaped. Well it didn't here. Megan answered all the questions correctly, a little too perfectly if you ask me. She's passed the quilterly test and… Continue reading An Interview with Megan Dougherty

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I can hardly believe

it's been an entire year to the day,  the actual date is Friday, since I had the hysterectomy.  I can not tell you how much better I feel overall.  So many quilters were so amazingly encouraging and supportive through the process.  A few were interviewed or wrote blogs for me including Maggie, Janet-Lee, Jake,  Lisa, Rayna… Continue reading I can hardly believe

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GenQ editor gets a response from Times Free Press

Drew Johnson - who wrote the original  unsigned editorial in the on the Times Free Press responded to Jake Finch editor of the very new, very cool Generation Q Magazine..  The response can be read here.  Please go read this before reading further. Maddie Kertay of Domestic Anarchy responded to Jake's post on the GenQ facebook page,… Continue reading GenQ editor gets a response from Times Free Press

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an Interview with Jake Finch

Facebook has certainly made connecting with quilters so easy and such fun.  Working in a quilt shop I get to see all kinds of books come through and "Comfort Quilts From the Heart" is one of the earliest I remember as it arrived within a short period of time after I started working.  What prompted… Continue reading an Interview with Jake Finch