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Modern Quilt and Serendipity As Well

But not necessarily in that order. Here is the finished Serendipity As Well.  I popped it into the mail yesterday and by the end of the week it should be in MA, it's new home.  When I started Serendipity As Well the intention was to make a small quilt for Pokey Bolton's new office at… Continue reading Modern Quilt and Serendipity As Well

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The Quilt Speaks

I've been working on Serendipity As Well for a few weeks.  What started out as an experiment learning, playing & practicing with Superior's silk has become a series with two (nearly) complete pieces.  I have 3 pieces of silk left that will become part of the series.  One is a cream & light brown plaid… Continue reading The Quilt Speaks

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Journaling with Natalya Aikens

I had the privilege of meeting and spending some time with art quilter Natalya Aikens last summer when we were at the taping of series 500 of Quilting Arts TV.  Natalya taped episode 509 with Pokey Bolton and taped a workshop called "texture transformation". Natalya posted last week that she was a teensy bit scared… Continue reading Journaling with Natalya Aikens

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Due to timing I'm going to have to be pictureless on this post. . . I am quite delighted to learn that I'm featured on the EQ Blog!  Some of the quilts I've been playing with and dreaming about are featured on this blog.  Thank you folks so much!  I have a winding ways quilt… Continue reading Quilting

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Are you an artist?

Someone on facebook recently asked me if I'm an artist.   My answer, "I don't know." Depending on where you look for the definition I might be an of the definitions at Merriam Webster is, "one who is adept at something".  In that case then yes I am an artist.  I can quilt. Artistry certainly dwells richly in… Continue reading Are you an artist?

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Quilting Arts Tv

The most exciting part of this whole journey was meeting the people.  Pokey Bolton is a little dynamo who is always working!  Whew!  I admire her endurance, even at the end of a busy day of taping she's perky and raring to go. The quilt in front of us is "Twilight in the Bronx", all… Continue reading Quilting Arts Tv